BREAKING: Mark Zuckerberg Finally Caught – Evidence Is Disturbing

An owner of a prominent Facebook pages is calling out Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook for throttling traffic to his sports website.

“Clay Travis, a sports journalist who founded the popular website Outkick, said Friday that Facebook severely restricted traffic to his website last year after posting several articles positive of then-President Donald Trump,” reports Daily Wire.

Travis said the action by Facebook resulted in losses to his company of “hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Via Daily Wire:

Travis said the ordeal began following an August 11, 2020 interview on his morning radio show “Outkick the Coverage” with Trump. The former president, Travis said, spent 25 minutes on the show and discussed a desire for college sports to return in the fall. After the interview, Outkick published several articles based on the comments from Trump, which painted the then-president in a positive light.

The accusation of censorship by Facebook is nothing new, but it’s rare that a non-political site with such a large following has complained of Facebook’s tyranny.

“Our site traffic soared that Tuesday, setting new records as our news-breaking interview with the president of the United States reverberated across the media world,” said Travis on his site. “But the next day — and for the next week — our site traffic crashed.”

But it wasn’t over after just a week.

“The loss of traffic at first cost tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue, but over the next month, that amount ballooned to hundreds of thousands of dollars,” said Travis.

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3 Responses

  1. Men like Mark Z need a special type of treatment, in order to understand how the real world works. Where I come from it’s called; “A Trip To The Woods,” not the shed, skip the shed. Take the teachings aids: a hammer, a 3′ big head tar paper nail. two in case you drop & lose one. a dull serrated knife & a plenty of striker matches. Then look for a good solid stump, a green cut one if possible. If you don’t know of any recent logging you may want to take a chain saw with you from the start, in order to make an appropriate stump for the occasion.

  2. It’s like Hillary said “what difference does it make”. We (the people) have no say in the incredibly crooked politics the democrats are forcing on us.

  3. Don’t give Zuckerberg too much credit, just like Biden its the employees and staff further down the food chain who are actually making the decisions. These guys don’t have a clue what is going on in the organization till ti bites them.

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