BREAKING: Mark Levin Stuns Audience – Coronavirus Has…

Conservative commentator Mark Levin tore into the media for lying after a new study showed that coronavirus patients who were given an anti-malarial drug had a quicker recovery.

The anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine has been heavily politicized since President Trump first endorsed it as a treatment option for coronavirus.

The mainstream media immediately proclaimed that hydroxychloroquine was in fact dangerous. Levin commented on the media’s behavior saying, “The disgusting, lying media fought the president tooth and nail for months telling us this drug was deadly. Every damn newsroom repeated this crap. Now they tell us it helped. How about apologizing to the American people and the president, you frauds.”

The media lied in an effort to attack President Trump and thanks to the confusion surrounding hydroxychloroquine people who could have been saved are now dead. The FDA actually revoked its emergency use approval of the drug to treat COVID-19 in mid-June.

Hydroxychloroquine of course is not a miracle cure for coronavirus and it has some side effects, but as Laura Ingraham pointed out, it cut COVID-19 mortality by half.

In spite of that, the media’s hyperpartisan coverage of the issue may very well have cost American lives. The media must be held accountable for lying to the American people.

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