BREAKING: Marco Rubio Unleashes SHOCK Announcement – Voters Didn’t Expect This…

Tuesday, Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican from Florida, appeared on CBS to discuss how the fallout of Russia’s invasion into Ukraine could impact Americans.

During his remarks, one thing he said in particular struck fear into the hearts of American voters.

“The price of oil.”

“If the price of oil goes up to $110, $115 a barrel, we’re going to feel that at the pump.”

Wait, what do you mean we’re GOING to feel it. You mean the worst of Bidenflation at the pumps isn’t even over yet?

Many of us are out here paying four or five (or more) dollars per gallon already and Rubio is telling us to prepare for it to go higher?

Some things shouldn’t be possible. Actually, some things aren’t possible. UNLESS you’ve got Joe Biden as your president. Then, at least in terms of inflation, anything is possible.

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