BREAKING: Major Wall Funding Update

With a spending bill battle brewing in Congress amid the potential for a government shutdown over border wall funding, rumors began to fly that President Donald Trump had backed off his promise to shut it all down if Congress didn’t grant him the funds requested. But Rush Limbaugh has inside info that Trump isn’t ready to back down after all.

A great outcry arose from the president’s supporters who elected him in large part to get the wall built. Conservative talk radio king Rush Limbaugh led the chorus of that criticism, urging Trump to stick to his position on the shutdown.

Apparently, the criticism reached Trump’s ear, as Limbaugh shared with his listeners on Thursday a “direct message” about the spending bill he had received from the president. That message stated: “You tell Rush that if there’s no money in this, it’s getting vetoed. If there’s no money for a wall I’m vetoing this plain and simple.”

It looks like Trump will hold firm on his promise to get border wall funding or shut it all down.

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