BREAKING: Major State REVERSAL – Nation Stunned By Change

A major state just issued a stunning reversal — millions of people are shocked by this change. No one expected it to happen, especially without warning.

Declaring that it will “create a more equitable state,” Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) announced that he is proposing a plan that would legalize marijuana “for both recreational and medicinal users.”

He said the proposal — which will be included in the upcoming budget and is projected to generate $165 million per year in tax revenue — “ensures a controlled market and safe product are available” for Wisconsinites.

While habitual, recreational use of marijuana presents serious health problems, there is growing evidence to show that there are some medicinal applications for the cannabis plant, such as Charlotte’s Web oil.

However, author Peter Schweizer has observed that marijuana legalization has become just another way for state governments and even politicians themselves to make money.

Because they are not establishing a free market, but a highly regulated, preferential one, “they get to pick who gets the licenses,” said Schweizer. Systems like this are ripe for corruption and citizens need to be aware.

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