BREAKING: Major City SURRENDERS – Rioters Take Over

When a motorist called 9-1-1 in broad daylight as his car was surrounded by protesters in Columbus, Ohio, he was told that the mayor had directed police to stand down rather than protect or help motorists.

State Rep. Nino Vitale condemned Mayor Andrew Ginther for his refusal to stop the protesters, but Columbus police said they were not told to stand down.

So why does the 9-1-1 operator say, “We were told by our mayor to stand down. So, the mayor has given them full rein of the streets”?

Something doesn’t add up here.

Vitale is correct, however, when he says that “it does not matter if the police are defunded, Mayor Ginther in Columbus has already turned the city into an anarchy zone where there is no police protection.”

Read the whole story here.

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