BREAKING: Lockdown REVERSAL: Churches Stunned

Less than 24 hours after New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) modified his stay-at-home order to allow religious institutions to meet in groups of up to 10 people, he modified it again to allow groups of 10 people to meet for any “lawful” purpose.

Cuomo made the decision under threat of a lawsuit from the ACLU that accused him of giving special privileges to churches and excluding other groups.

Chair of the New York City Health Committee Mark D. Levine disagreed with both modifications and said it wasn’t yet safe to meet even in these small groups.

“This shocking order, forced by a lawsuit, changes nothing about the risks associated with group gatherings — especially those held indoors,” Levine said. “We need the public to continue to be smart and use judgment about the risks of this virus, regardless of what the court has forced on us.”

The CDC released new guidelines on Friday for how houses of worship can safely open after Trump said that governors needed to allow churches to reopen starting over the weekend.

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