BREAKING: Liz Cheney Is OUT – Trump Is Smiling

Sources close to Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) have reported that she is “checked out” and resigned to her fate of being ousted from her leadership position in the House.

“Unlike the last attempt to oust her in February, which she handily defeated, she’s not making calls or whipping” this time, they said.

The sources also said that Cheney planned to argue that “leaders should be able to say what they think is right without repercussions.”

She had the audacity to claim she was the true conservative Republican rather than minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), whom she accused of changing his story on conservative caucus politics.

Cheney’s record and support from Democrats including President Biden clearly show that she is nothing but a RINO Never-Trumper who supports more Democrat policies than she does Republican ones. Wyoming will likely throw her out on her ear in 2022 for voting to impeach former President Donald Trump, and good riddance to her.

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