BREAKING: Live Video Reveals Joe Biden Is WORSE Than We Thought – Mental Health Decline…

Even when President Joe Biden gives an interview to a friendly journalist, he is now having his mental health questioned and his policies criticized.

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny said on Wednesday that Biden seemed “confused” during an interview about his administration giving out half a billion at-home covid tests, and kept referring to them as “pills” instead.

It was the same day the FDA approved a covid relief pill that has been shown to reduce hospitalizations and deaths from the coronavirus by up to 90%, which may have been on Biden’s mind and led to the confusion.

“But then simply this administration, and the president leading the charge here, really not accepting any responsibility at all for this lack of testing,” Zeleny added. “We’ve seen these images across the country, long lines, just the inability to get tests. And yes, omicron came on very quickly here, but it has been almost a month since Thanksgiving where they knew this was coming.”

Biden claimed not to know omicron would spread so quickly,  but Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky nullified this argument when she told Fox News’ Bret Baier that the rise in cases was “exactly what we anticipated.”

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