In his most recent announcement, Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) made it clear that Democrats’ impeachment dreams will be terminated.

During an appearance on Fox News Channel Friday, Graham said, ” You know what I believe about all of this? It was a bunch of partisan bullshit in the House. It continued in the Senate. It’s going to end Wednesday. The president is going to get acquitted. And it’s going to blow up in their face.”

Democrats spent 5 months trying to impeach President Trump with no evidence. They also spent all the political energy they had before the election began.

The end result is a huge loss for them. For 5 months of work, they will have nothing to show for it.

Republicans are united and President Trump’s voter base will come out in force for them in November.

As for Democrats, they can expect to lose purple state representatives. Voters in swing states are already unhappy over impeachment.

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