BREAKING: Lindsey Graham REVERSAL – Trump Won’t Be…

Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) announced Thursday that Republicans are considering a minimum wage increase to help boost the economy. This thinking marks a reversal of President Trump’s past opposition to minimum wage increases.

Senator Graham went on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” and said,

We need to make sure you don’t pay people more in unemployment benefits than they get to work. That will help get people back to work. I’m even willing to do a minimum wage increase. There are so many things, liability reform, so you can open up without being sued. Congress needs to act in July to continue this trend. If we had the right kind of stimulus package, we would be going through the roof by October in terms of economic growth.

Republicans have been busy drawing up different plans to get Americans back to work and reversing the damage done by the coronavirus lockdown.

Graham also mentioned other plans on Fox saying, “We need a rescue package that would hit the gas to make the economy grow faster. … So, the president is proposing a payroll tax cut that would put money in the pocket of consumers and businesses. That would stimulate the economy.”

Tax cuts will be a huge benefit for Americans struggling to deal with the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

Raising the minimum wage may have the opposite effect. Small businesses have already been hammered by the pandemic and the increase in labor costs may be too much. Republicans need to let Americans keep their money and protect businesses.

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