BREAKING: Lindsey Graham Reveals Shock Secret – Oh NO

Senator Lindsey Graham just revealed a shocking secret in an interview with Fox News. In the interview, he admitted that a “handful” of Republicans are willing to side with notorious Trump enemy Nancy Pelosi against President Trump’s emergency declaration.

Nancy Pelosi moved to introduce a resolution that would block President Trump’s plan to build the border wall via emergency declaration. Pelosi’s resolution is set to go before the House next week.

Graham was quick to clarify that he was not one of the dissenting Republicans. According to The Hill, Graham “said he would “absolutely not” vote for the Democrat-led resolution, adding that he is “100 percent with the president.”

Several Republicans have expressed concern about President Trump’s declaration. However, few have made definitive statements. Graham finished his statement by saying that he “hope[s] Republicans will not reward this.”

Read the full story here.

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