BREAKING: Lindsey Graham Drops The Hammer – FBI Forced To…

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) just dropped the hammer. The Department of Justice (DOJ) may force the FBI to turn over classified documents that Graham believes will further expose liberal Democrats.

In a letter sent to Attorney General William Barr this week, Graham specifically requested information on Christoper Steele’s “primary sub-source,” someone who allegedly “undercut” his now-debunked anti-Trump dossier.

The FBI reportedly interviewed this “primary sub-source” as part of the Trump-Russia ‘collusion’ probe. According to Graham, the source “substantially undercut Steele’s election reporting” and therefore Steele’s work.

In fact, Graham said that this information effectually calls “into question the accuracy and reliability of any of Steele’s reports,” including, of course, the dossier that Steele compiled for the Democratic Party.

Even so, “the FBI continued to seek renewals for FISA coverage on Carter Page and never informed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of the credibility issues identified by the FBI’s interviews,” said Graham.

Graham is clearly on to something big here. The accomplished attorney and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee won’t be deterred — he smells blood in the water and he’s ready to bite.

Read the full story here.

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