BREAKING: Limbaugh Truth Comes Out – She’s Telling Everything…

Rush Limbaugh taught America to “forge” its own path and was “hilarious” said Ann Coulter in a recent article describing the conservative radio legend.

“It was significant that he was so, so hilarious,” said Coulter. “He created this new forum. It’s 1920s technology, but to have funny right-wingers having talk radio and taking calls — that sort of thing — it’s all from Rush…”

Coulter said Rush was a huge part of her life and that he was a “wonderful” person:

Rush was groundbreaking, as was [Matt] Drudge, and I, think, [Andrew] Breitbart. Many imitators, none his equal. … Rush and Drudge were about 70 percent of my social life for five or six years in the 2000s after Slander came out, and he was a really wonderful person.

Coulte, a well-respected conservative pundit in her own right, said that “Rush was absolutely one of a kind, and personally a very, very generous person.”

To read more about Coulter’s statement on Limbaugh, click here.

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