BREAKING: Limbaugh is DONE – Rush Stuns Fans Everywhere

Talk show host Rush Limbaugh is done with Twitter and has deactivated his own Twitter account after the social media giant indefinitely banned President Trump from the platform.

Limbaugh had a significant presence on Twitter with 600,000 followers, but he apparently was only on the platform to follow one person, President Donald Trump.

Limbaugh’s move represents a sign of change for conservatives who may begin a mass exodus from social media as the platforms provided by Big Tech are far from friendly environments for conservative thought.

With President Trump gone from the platform, more figures like Limbaugh will likely find themselves in the crosshairs of the Twitterati.

A conservative exodus from social media would be terrible for companies like Twitter and Facebook. Conservative controversy and engagement are important for Big Tech’s bottom line, and without them, suddenly Twitter and Facebook are far less profitable.

Maybe it is time for Conservatives to go dark and leave the cesspit of social media behind. Conservatives win nothing on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

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