BREAKING: Limbaugh Exposes Deep State Threat – Trump In Danger


Rush Limbaugh just exposed the threat the Deep State poses to President Trump’s reelection efforts.

Limbaugh asserted that Deep State actors will use “every weapon” they have against President Trump, and he’s spot-on as usual.

Limbaugh’s comments were prompted by the latest allegations that Russia is assisting President Trump’s campaign. Limbaugh said, “What they’ve tried with Trump here, this whole Russia meddling, Trump colluding, this whole thing is a gigantic lie, a totally bogus hoax, a silent coup.”

Our nation’s intelligence community has given Americans no reason to trust it. President Trump’s time in office has shown that our intelligence agencies have too much power.

The intelligence community is practically working hand in hand with Democrats, even going straight to the House before reporting their findings to President Trump.

The 2020 election is about so much more than who will be President for four years. It is about reigning in an out of control bureaucracy strangling our country.

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