BREAKING: Limbaugh Death Bombshell – Family Stunned By New Report

An elected official in Michigan took to social media to laugh about Conservative icon Rush Limbaugh’s death, who passed away following a long battle with lung cancer.

Amanda Fisk, president of Middleville Village, shared a report of Limbaugh and wrote, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *deep breath* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.”

Following the backlash to her initial post, Fisk deleted the comment and said, “her words are in no way affiliated with staff or the village itself.”

Fisk’s insincere apology didn’t stop cancer patient Keara Hilton from creating an online petition calling for Fisk’s resignation. Middleville resident Lisa Forcia said, “It’s just disheartening that a human can actually say that and be excited about the death of another human.”

Ironically Fisk was ok laughing at the death of Limbaugh but had no problem preaching to Michigan residents about the importance of following coronavirus restrictions. Fisk wrote, “I know it’s super funny to act like the virus is ‘more contagious after 10 pm’ and trust me, I’m laughing VERY hard at your HILARIOUS joke, but here’s the thing: y’all are irresponsible and ‘forgetful’ after a couple of drinks.”

Amanda Fisk has exposed herself as another partisan hack whose values are entirely determined by politics and should be nowhere near a position of power.

Read the full story here.

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