BREAKING: LIFE In Jail – Announcement Stuns Nation…

French prosecutors are asking for life sentences for 12 of the 20 men accused of organizing the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks.

“One of the accused men, Salah Abdeslam, is believed to be the last survivor from the cell of 10 men who struck the city and could face life in prison without parole, a rarely doled-out penalty in France that rules out any reduction of his sentence,” reported Washington Examiner.

“A Brussels-born French citizen, Abdeslam is alleged to have been central to the operation by escorting the three bombers who blew themselves up at the Stade de France,” according to Washington Examiner.

“Not everyone is a jihadi, but all of those you are judging accepted to take part in a terrorist group, either by conviction, cowardliness, or greed,” prosecutor Nicolas Braconnay said.

“A total of 14 of the defendants have been in court. Six were tried in absentia, five of whom are presumed to be dead in Syria or Iraq. Many of the suspects are accused of helping create false identities, transporting the attackers from Syria, and giving them money, phones, explosives, and weapons,” reports Washington Examiner.

The Nov. 13, 2015, attack murdered 130 people and hurt more than 490 others.

The attacks were planned outside of France, but much “remains in the dark” about how the attacks were prepared and performed,” prosecutor Camille Hennetier said in court.

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