BREAKING: Liberal Media BUSTED In Huge Lie – GOP Was Right All Along

Although 60 Minutes tried its hardest to take down Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by insinuating that he used Publix to distribute the coronavirus vaccine because the company gave him an $100,000 campaign contribution, the narrative has collapsed and showed CBS to be nothing but a purveyor of fake news.

The show’s first mistake: selectively editing DeSantis’s explanation of how Publix became a vaccine distributor. The full video was posted on social media just as the show aired and quickly went viral.

6o Minutes also tried to use this tactic on President Donald Trump, who had the good sense to make his own recording and release it to correct the record.

Several prominent Democrats including the mayor of Palm Beach blasted 60 Minutes over the story, with the mayor saying the piece was “intentionally false” and rejected information he offered because it “kneecapped the narrative” they were trying to push about DeSantis.

Why is CBS wasting their time on this nonsense when they could have investigated New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s legion of sexual misconduct allegations?

Read the full story here.


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