BREAKING: Liberal ESPN Gets Bad News – Trump Is Laughing

ESPN’s ratings have continued to decline even as some sports have resumed, due to the network’s focus on political correctness over actual sports coverage, according to Breitbart.

The network is down another six percent from last year, even with baseball and basketball starting back up again after a few months of being non-existent with the coronavirus.

Ratings should actually be higher than ever, since no sports anywhere in the U.S. are being played with live fans right now. Watching on TV is the only way to see any live competition, but it seems like people just aren’t interested in hearing political commentary with their sports coverage.

Average revenue per user for ESPN+ has also fallen 22% compared to last year. Overall, ratings are the lowest in the network’s 41-year history.

Seems like ESPN should rethink mixing sports and politics if it wants to survive.

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