BREAKING: Legislature THROWS Him Out – Nation in Shock…

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has been thrown out of office after Pakistan’s National Assembly passed a no-confidence measure on Sunday morning.

The no-confidence measure passed by a razor-thin 174-168 majority to ensure that Khan would be the first Pakistani Prime Minister to be thrown out on a no-confidence measure.

Khan was removed from office on grounds that he had woefully mismanaged Pakistan’s economic affairs.

In response to the vote, Khan called on his supporters to stage protests nationwide, which threatens to destabilize the nation.

Khan challenged the opposition by saying that “I will not accept an imported government, I’m ready for a struggle.”

Khan’s successor will not have any easy mission. Khan was once a powerhouse in Pakistan and achieved a dominant victory in 2018. His career was undone by his inability to fix the issues plaguing Pakistan, and his successor could fall victim to the same fate.

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