BREAKING: Legislature Kicks Him Out – Leader Forced To Leave Immediately…

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was removed from his position when the Pakistani parliament passed a measure of “no-confidence,” by a margin of 174 to 168.

Khan believes that there were other forces at work in his removal, and him being forced out may have served the interests of foreign actors.

In an address to the nation, Khan claimed that “There was foreign interference in Pakistan’s [planned] no-confidence [vote]. I wanted the S.C. [Supreme Court] to at least look at it. It was a very serious allegation that a foreign country wants to topple the government through a conspiracy.”

Khan has specifically accused the U.S. State Department of interfering in Pakistan to effect regime change as Khan has acted in opposition to U.S. interests.

Pakistan has been aligning with Russia and it appears that Khan was the motive force behind that alignment. Allegedly a document from the United States threatened the future of U.S.-Pakistan relations if Khan remained in power.

Khan joins a long line of Prime Ministers who have not been able to finish their five-year term. In fact, in Pakistan’s 75-year history, not a single Prime Minister has finished a term.

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