BREAKING: Legendary American DIES – This Is So Sad

One of the last sailors to escape the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor has passed away at the age of 98. His remains were interred in the wreck of the Arizona, as he joined his shipmates lost on that terrifying day.

Lauren Bruner was the second to last sailor to jump from the Arizona before it exploded and sank to the bottom of the harbor.

He joins 44 others who survived the attack but chose to have their remains interred in the Arizona.

Bruner’s story is fascinating and highlights the actions of America’s greatest generation. Bruner survived the attack on Pearl Harbor and after seven months of recovery, saw eight major engagements in WWII, serving on a destroyer.

The actions and experiences of those WWII veterans are unfathomable, and it is hard to see them go. We lose a little bit of living greatness with each passing. Yet sad as Bruners death is, it is an opportunity to learn more about an iconic moment in American history. Bruner dedicated much of his life to memorializing the events of that fateful day.

Rest in peace, American hero.

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