BREAKING: Legendary American Dies… Nation In Mourning

The oldest survivor and only living officer of the U.S.S. Indianapolis died Friday at age 98. Only 10 who survived a Japanese attack on the ship are still living.

Don Howison was well-loved for his sense of humor and for telling the story of his ship’s attack by a Japanese torpedo in an interview last year.

Only 317 of the 1200 on board the U.S.S. Indianapolis survived the attack. Howison said he had to watch crewmates be eaten alive by sharks after the ship sank.

Survivors had to float for five days until rescuers came, and those who didn’t drown or get eaten by sharks suffered dehydration and exposure.

It is the worst known instance of shark attacks, and the stories about the attacks were said to be the inspiration for the 1975 movie Jaws.

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