BREAKING: Lebron James Gets What He Deserves – Fans Stunned

NBA superstar LeBron James just got what he deserved — millions of fans across the nation are stunned.  Some are thinking twice about supporting him.

“LeBron James came under intense fire on Wednesday after he posted a pic of a police officer present at the Ma’Khia Bryant shooting with a caption that read, ‘YOU’RE NEXT,'” reported Breitbart News.

James eventually deleted the tweet, however, the backlash to his aggressive comment was swift. Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said that James “is inciting violence against an Ohio police officer.”

But he didn’t just draw criticism from the political world — James riled up other sports stars, too. Former New York Mets player Lenny Dykstra, a World Series winner, didn’t mince words.

“On behalf of pro athletes, current and former, I apologize for how #LeBronJames just showed his inner Maxine Waters and made a very real, ongoing threat to the life of the officer,” said Dykstra.

This isn’t the first time that James has expressed his hatred for the police, and it won’t be the last. Americans should make their voice heard and consider boycotting all NBA games.

Read the full story here.

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17 Responses

  1. There are no pro games or nascar in this house. The anti-american scums should have to get real jobs or go live in china. See how long they spew hate there.

    1. I completely agree, they think they walk on water and can say anything that they want. Piss ants. I never liked him anyway so know big loss

  2. send him to china , they wont put up with his crap! if he smarted off there he would put in prison for being a enenmy of the state , which fits him well

  3. All you silly white boy frustrated jocks fawn all over these athletes paying exorbitant fees for games and high priced cable services so you can sit on your butt all weekend watching games and acting like big men. This is what you are supporting.

    you want to show some principle – get rid of ESPN, get a chainsaw and go cut wood on the weekend.

  4. SOO, Whoever you are, Censoring my comment, too bad!! Its ok, the people I speak to already know what I said. They all feel the same because we are UNITED, not hypocrits. AND BTW whoever decided my remarks are not going to be published are already communists and are denying my rights to free speech according to OUR CONSTITUTION. You creep, truth will eventually overcome you and your idiotic world you hope to live in. I guess you will delete this too. Drop dead. Do the world a big favor!! NOW you can delete this too.

  5. I guess what surprises me is that the normal dem and I am sure there are many, don’t say anything about this crap. I don’t care who you are, you don’t have the right to threaten their life. Why don’t these dems speak up. James definitely gives the sports industry a black eye. Come on people start complaining. Surely you can’t believe that any of this bull from the left is okay. We all have to live here together. We have no place for all this hatred or have the need to support antifa and BLM. They are hate mongers. They might as well be with ms13. I hope you all know that our country is the best and always will be. Where do you think you can go.

  6. I was an avid fan of football, baseball, etc. for over 60 years, but I first dumped football and then baseball. Athletes seem to think they have a right to use playing professional sports to spread their hate for our Country, our Military, our Police Officers and our President. I have completely given up watching any sports where these mentally deficient men out there playing a game think because they get paid big bucks for playing and their opinion matters to the public. Wrong!

  7. I agree , sports were ment to be fun, not a Political sounding board! They are no fun anymore! We should all step away from them! Hurt the owners in their pocket books and maybe they will make their players RESPECT America again! And Stand up for ourPOLICE!!!

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