BREAKING: LeBron James Gets HUMILIATED – Trump Is Laughing

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson took a shot at NBA superstar Lebron James after late night host Trevor Noah mocked Carson in a comparison between Carson and James.

At an Evangelicals for Trump event in Grandville, Michigan on Thursday Carson said, “You know, I was listening to one of the news programs this morning and LeBron James was saying something about would you ask Ben Carson to play basketball. Well, I wouldn’t ask him to do neurosurgery, I’ll tell you that.”

For context, Noah was talking about the recent confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court when he said, “RBG and Barrett are both women, but Barrett is going to dismantle all of RBG’s good work. So this would be like if the Lakers replaced LeBron with Ben Carson. Technically, yes, they’re swapping one Black man for another, but good luck on making the playoffs next season.”

Carson responded, “Well, I wouldn’t ask him to do neurosurgery, I’ll tell you that!”

Sports and entertainment certainly aren’t everything and Ben Carson is a testament to that. Carson, who is a neurosurgeon, has been doing incredible work at the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Carson’s work in the last four years at HUD has been particularly good for the African American community. Carson has made many changes to help uplift communities that the Democrats abandoned years ago.

Leftists like Trevor Noah enjoy sniping at someone like Ben Carson, but his scorn does not undo or discredit the work that Carson is doing. He may not make it to the NBA playoffs, but he is making African American communities better places to live, and that is much more important than anything Lebron James can accomplish on a basketball court.

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