BREAKING: Lebron James Gets Bad News – Trump Was Right

NBA superstar LeBron James just received some very bad news. President Donald Trump was absolutely right and even James will soon have trouble denying it. This is a stunning development.

An underwhelming number of viewers watched the opening day NBA and MLB games, and the drop off continued the next day. Breitbart News said that “it appears TV viewers are not interested in what the increasingly woke leagues have to offer.”

James and other players have engaged in BLM-related protests and symbolism ever since the season started, and it doesn’t seem to be paying off. The Lakers-Clippers game brought in 3.4 million viewers, but the following night saw a steep drop.

The Celtics-Bucks and Mavericks-Rockets games only brought in 1.3 million and 1.7 million viewers respectively. For the MLB, for example, the Yankees-Nationals game had 4 million viewers; the Brewers-Cubs only pulled in 1 million the next evening.

But that’s not even the worst numbers. That same night, the Mets-Braves game had a measly 922,000 viewers and the Angels-A’s game garnered a basement-level 797,000 viewers. It is fair to assume that most fans don’t want politics in sports.

“In general, both leagues aren’t getting the audience one might expect from a nation that’s been deprived of entertainment for months,” noted Ethan Strauss with The Athletic, reporting on the dismal numbers.

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