BREAKING: Lebron James Gets Bad News – Trump Was Right

NBA superstar Lebron James just received some bad news. President Donald Trump was absolutely right — and now the Lakers player and the entire league must face the truth.

As the NBA embraces ‘woke’ politics and alienate millions of fans, game viewership has dramatically declined as well. In fact, “the L.A. Lakers’ series-clinching win … ended up being the least watched game of the series,” reported Breitbart News.

Viewership slipped by “one percent in the ratings over Game 2,” according to data from Sports Media Watch, which Breitbart analyzed to report on the NBA’s drop. Trump himself has noted that the NBA has “become like a political organization.”

And that is bad for business. Most fans just want to watch a good game with their favorite players and teams facing off — they aren’t interested in sports getting political. Sports is ultimately supposed to be an escape and the fans are speaking.

As a matter of fact, NASCAR viewership won by comparison. “The site also noted that NASCAR trounced LeBron and the Lakers Game 5 ratings, with NASCAR finishing ‘comfortably ahead at a 2.4 and 3.87 million,'” wrote Breitbart.

The NBA is going to have to decide whether it wants to maintain its fanbase or shrink it to only far-left liberals. It is a choice the league will have to make soon or face the reality of becoming irrelevant and possibly even extinct.

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