BREAKING: Law Enforcement Coming For Mark Zuckerberg [Developing]

The Washington D.C. attorney general has unleashed a lawsuit against Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The lawsuit is in regard to the social media platform’s misleading privacy policies and failure to protect user’s data.

Facebook user’s trust Zuckerberg to keep their information safe.

He didn’t, and many wonder if it was accidental or not.

Washington D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine made the announcement himself:

“This lawsuit is not only warranted, but necessary,” Racine began. “Misleading consumers, exposing their data, and violating the law come with consequences, not only for companies that breach that trust, but also corporate executives.”

“The personal data of the more than 70 million U.S. Facebook users that Cambridge Analytica used to manipulate the election accounted for more than half the total votes during the 2016 presidential elections, in an election that was effectively decided by just a few hundred thousand people.”

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