BREAKING: Laura Ingraham Breaks Explosive Report… [Developing]

Fox News superstar Laura Ingraham just broke an explosive report on national television. This is a developing story, but millions are already stunned by what she revealed.

On an episode of her show this week, Ingraham contrasted Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment “theatrics” with President Trump’s signing of a “historic” trade deal with China.

“Sorry, Mr. President, but Pelosi was not going to be bested by some historic trade deal,” said Ingraham. “No, she had her own signing ceremony of the articles of impeachment.”

Ingraham continued by noting, “The only thing that the parade lacked was Nancy in the lead carrying the patriotic incense or maybe twirling a baton.” She certainly has a way with humorous jabs.

But Ingraham was making a strong point — that no one is going to remember Pelosi’s ridiculous impeachment push and signing ceremony. People will experience the benefits of Trump’s action for years.

She said that people “will remember … how President Trump brought the Chinese to the bargaining table and delivered achievements few ever thought were possible.”

Read the full story here.

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