BREAKING: Laura Ingraham And Tucker Carlson DROPPED – Fox Fans Furious

Aspirin giant Bayer has decided to stop advertising on the Fox News shows of Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson, the Daily Caller reported Thursday. It is not the first time Bayer has balked at Laura Ingraham, however.

Bayer also stopped advertising on Ingraham’s show in March 2018 after the host mocked Parkland shooting victim David Hogg for bemoaning college rejections. The company resumed its ads on her show in August.

Its history with Carlson is more spotty, with ads having run on Monday, but now being curtailed, according to Judd Legum. Fox News and Bayer are both declining to comment on the situation.

Ingraham recently featured a number of right-wingers who had been censored on social media, including anti-Semite Paul Nehlen, which drew widespread criticism. Ingraham did not say she supported Nehlen’s views but focused on the issue of free speech and how social media is now taking it upon themselves to censor and shut down views their CEOs don’t personally agree with.

Fox News defended Ingraham for her inclusion of Nehlen, saying it was clear she was addressing the free speech issue and not anyone’s particular views.

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