BREAKING: Kim Jong Un MISSING – World Shocked

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un just went missing and the world is shocked. He was gone for weeks for health reasons and reportedly came back, but now he is gone again. This is a stunning development.

According to reports, Jong-un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, was missing from a ceremony in Russia this week. During the ceremony, Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded Jong-un a World War II medal.

The reason: A show of thanks for how North Korea has handled the graves of Soviets in the country. The award was given for the North Korean dictator’s “personal contribution to the commemoration of dead and buried Soviet citizens.”

The award was ceremonially given by Russian Ambassador Alexander Matsegora and accepted by North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Son Gwon, but it is possible that this wasn’t such a normal occurrence after all.

State-run media in North Korea has reported that Jong-un has re-emerged after weeks of battling an illness, however, one can almost always assume that this is propaganda. If he is truly healthy now, why wasn’t he there?

Also, interestingly enough, “both North Korean and Russian officials were spotted wearing surgical masks despite North Korea’s insistence that it has not had a single case of the coronavirus.” Something just isn’t adding up.

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