BREAKING: Kevin McCarthy Issues Urgent Warning – Military Ordered To…

Under Joe Biden’s short time in the Oval Office, the military top brass have become much more politically vocal and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy warns that it “must stop now.”

[email protected] is being politicized. Uniformed service members recently criticized a private citizen for his First Amendment rights, & today a Dem lawmaker used soldiers in a political stunt against a GOP member,” tweeted McCarthy. “@SecDef Austin—This sets a dangerous precedent. It must stop now.”

According to Breitbart News, McCarthy’s comments come “after a number of Army and Marine Corps generals and senior military leaders slammed conservative talk show host Tucker Carlson on social media after he criticized President Joe Biden’s focus on making the military more “feminized” while China was focused on making its future forces more masculine.”

The military must remain focused on the task at hand. And make no mistake, the current Democrat administration sees the task at hand as something far different than creating the best military in the world. And anything other than that, puts lives at risk.

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11 Responses

  1. Democrats will stop at nothing to see their goal of making the USA a Third World Country come to life. It amazes me the Liberals are so pathetically stupid and cannot see the destruction being cause??

    1. It will take war as we & Israel are exzempt from the NWO,,why all the lies coming in like a freight train! We both have to be inhibited,then,the AC has to be on the take over scene as he produces action to the NWO. And biden sure working on a war for us!

  2. Our military are sworn to protect and defend the constitution. If they are not doing that they should be dishonorably discharged. Even if they are Generals.

  3. I just hope that the ignorant people that we elected to stand up for the American citizens get some brains and start governing and find out that they are being lead down the primrose path to disaster by these no time limit politicians.

  4. We need more politicians like Kevin McCarthy.I’m sure a lot of conservative democratic citizens wish someone in that party would grow a pair ,and give challenge to the current insanity going on in the country

  5. It’s down right scary that those who actually voted for this poor fool, haven’t gotten into helping the rest of resist what is happening to OUR COUNTRY!!
    It’s one thing to make a mistake and accept responsibility for it, but that’s not what appears to be happening! Go ahead and keep your head covered, but, you too, will suffer the consequents for it!

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