BREAKING: Kevin McCarthy Has Evidence Against Joe Biden – White House Scrambling…

Kevin McCarthy has been calling the White House, trying to get in contact with Joe Biden over some important business.

Biden has ignored each and every one of them, leading the Republican from California to assert that he thinks Joe Biden is totally done with trying to work with the GOP.

Biden, who insists the GOP is practicing “obstructionism,” probably didn’t expect his dirty laundry to be aired out quite yet.

But how can the GOP be obstructing anything if Joe doesn’t even give them the time of day to voice their opinion.

Newsome sees this as very, very flawed logic from the failing President.

“I’ve only seen the president a couple of times. I’ve reached out numerous times. Do you know when he decided to pull out of Afghanistan I called the basic public switchboard to ask to talk to the president? The White House then called to wonder was it really me calling. That was the one time the president actually took my call.”

“If he’s going to stop working with us, it’s no different than what he’s done the entire time as president,” McCarthy concluded.


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