BREAKING: Kevin McCarthy Exposes Biden’s REAL Plan – Insult To America…

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) just exposed President Joe Biden’s real plan and it is a major insult to America. This is stunning.

“President Biden wants to try and buy our way out of his border crisis with taxpayer money,” said McCarthy. “The Administration is spending $60 million a week, and now wants to launch a cash transfer program in Central America.”

“This insults millions of Americans who are out of work in our country,” he continued. McCarthy is right. Once again, the Biden administration is placing priority on non-citizens over U.S. citizens.

Furthermore, Biden and his far-left comrades want to use our taxpayer dollars to do it. Americans across the nation, regardless of political views, need to make their voices heard loud and clear.

This is wrong no matter what, however, millions of Americans are still looking for work as the nation recovers from the economically devastating COVID-19 pandemic. Biden is sending the wrong message.

Instead of offering cash to non-citizens, Biden should be focused on Americans. He should encourage the total re-opening of all state economies so people can find jobs and feed their families. Instead, he is getting distracted by liberal wish-lists instead.

Read the full story here.

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  1. Someone needs to stop Joe Bidens ridiculous spending before he bankrupts this country.The house DemoRats should be forfeiting their paychecks.DemoRats love to throw away taxpayer money.I bet they’d stop spending if we dug into their pockets

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