BREAKING: Ketanji Brown Supreme Court SHOCKER – It’s OVER

Joel Pollak, an author on, has identified what he feels are the five key points from Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s first serious questioning during her confirmation hearing.

1) Ted Cruz, from Texas, nailed Jackson on three different subjects: The “1619 Project,” Critical Race Theory, and her sentencing record.

2) Senator John Cornyn, from Texas, got Jackson to admit that she didn’t even know what liberals’ commonly used term “living constitution” meant.

3) Lindsey Graham, from South Carolina, took down Democrat Dick Durbin over terror detainees. By the end of their discussion, it was clear that Jackson’s past remains a problem.

4) Senator Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee showed that Judge Jackson literally cannot define what a “woman” is.

5) Brown Jackson is NOT tough on sex offenders. Josh Hawley from Missouri slammed Ketanji for her lenient sentences in child pornography cases of the past.

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