BREAKING: Ken Starr Throws A Grenade – Nasty Dems Scatter

Former Independent Counsel Ken Starr said on the Fox News show Life, Liberty and Levin on Friday that impeachment is “absolutely” an attempt to overthrow President Donald Trump.

Although Starr said after former Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s testimony that Trump had committed bribery, he now seems to have changed his mind after finding out Sondland only had secondhand information about Trump’s actions.

“Robert Mueller crashed and burned, bless his heart, an honorable man in July with his testimony,” Starr said to host Mark Levin. “… It was like of Heaven, here comes Ukraine.”

“That is abuse of power. We are going to impeach him before he’s done anything. Excuse me, you are using your power in a very vicious way,” he aimed at Democrats. “Whatever you think of him — you don’t think well of him; you think ill of him — it is not your business to use power in such an unprincipled way. Again, shame on you.”

Starr famously investigated Bill Clinton before his impeachment and was responsible for finding numerous instances where Clinton lied under oath.

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