BREAKING: Kellyanne Conway Reveals Trump Shocker – He Didn’t Expect Her To Say…

Former Donald Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway said on Fox Business Thursday that her former boss “certainly would like to run again in 2024.

“He’d like to,” Conway replied to a question from Maria Bartiromo. “I speak with him frequently, and he certainly would like to because he knows there’s unfinished business. He sees what he could have done in the second term versus all the unraveling of the great policies.”

“Donald Trump’s like the rest of America,” she added. “He’s within that majority of all the polls, Republicans, independents and a growing number of Democrats and Biden voters, Maria, who say enough is enough.”

Conway cited inflation, immigration, border insecurity, Putin and Russia, the Iran nuclear situation, and a growing trade deficit as factors in people’s disenchantment with President Joe Biden.

“I think whoever runs, Donald Trump will go first, and if he decides he does or doesn’t, whoever runs has to run as an America first candidate and reclaim those policies,” she said.

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