BREAKING: Kellyanne Conway INVESTIGATION Announcement – Whoa

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway just made a major announcement calling for an investigation into whether FBI officials leaked information about the Mueller investigation to the press.

Conway voiced her support for an initiative led by Republican Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson pushing the inspector general to investigate the “apparent leaks”.

The leaks in question are alleged communications between Obama-era officials and the media during the 2016 election and President Trump’s first year in office.

The senior White House adviser told “Fox & Friends” that “I for one, as a citizen of this country, want to know if intelligence officers were leaking information to the press.”

The push to investigate the alleged leaks is prompted by a suspicion that the information leaked may have impacted the Mueller investigation.

Conway also boldly called for a broader investigation into the foundations of the Mueller investigation, saying “let’s see where this all started.” She continued, “what is everybody afraid of? What do you have to hide? Where did this all start?”

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