BREAKING: Kellyanne Conway HARASSMENT Charges – Shame, Shame, Shame

Kellyanne Conway just called out the Democrat harassment of William Barr. Conway said the Democrats are lashing out at the attorney general because they’re angry about Robert Mueller’s investigation.

“He is certainly testifying to the Senate, so it’s not like he’s afraid to answer questions under oath. But the harassment of Bill Barr and the disrespect is completely disgraceful to this man who spent his career in public service and in private law practice,”

Watch her go ballistic on the Democrats here:

“No less of a soul than Joe Biden voted” for Bill Barr’s confirmation for Attorney General the first time around. Democrats never had a problem in the world with Barr until their collusion fantasy fell apart. Conway said the Democrats are just mad at Robert Mueller for letting them down by “not getting the President in an interview, for shutting down the investigation before those who felt like they should produce the goods got it. “

Mueller’s investigation came up empty, but the Democrats can’t just admit that they lied to the American people, so now they’re attacking the man in charge of the investigation. Democrats won’t stop harassing Barr with their smears and subpoenas, and Jerry Nadler even threatened jail and fines if he doesn’t testify. They have totally jumped the shark.

“I think it’s outrageous, the way they want to play the system.”

According to Democrats, Barr threw away his great reputation so he could be Trump’s toady. It’s just one conspiracy theory after another for these people, isn’t it? That’s the Democrat playbook for you: no slander is off limits to these hacks.

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