BREAKING: Kellyanne Conway Gives Notice – It’s Official

Kellyanne Conway just issued a stunning notice on national television. She made it official and exposed the Democratic Party’s dirty secret — they can’t hide from the truth now.

Appearing on Fox News, she commented on the Iowa Caucus by sarcastically pointing out the “choice” Democrat voters have, namely, “which level of socialism they choose to reject or advance.”

She continued by calling every candidate currently vying for the Democratic nomination “unimpressive, unremarkable and underwhelming” and also took a swipe at left-wing identity politics.

Conway said that the field of candidates “is a much older and whiter field than they would like people to think,” pointing out the irony that ‘diversity’ is nowhere to be seen.

Once the Iowa Caucus results are finalized, we may have a clearer picture of who the true frontrunner in this race is — unless all of the top candidates garner roughly the same amount of votes.

Regardless, not a single one of them has a path to victory against President Trump in November. His re-election campaign is already in full force and they simply can’t compete with his record.

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