BREAKING: Kellyanne Confirms The Rumors – Farewell

Kellyanne Conway said that Joe Biden is the reason why President Donald Trump is facing controversy over his phone call with the Ukrainian president.

Conway pointed out that there is evidence that Biden as vice president threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine in 2016 unless they fired a prosecutor that was investigating the energy company that employed his son. She also pointed out that there was no evidence of Trump pressure on Ukraine to investigate Biden–only a simple request to do so “if possible.”

Trump withheld aid to Ukraine prior to his phone call because an election was taking place and he wanted to ensure that the new leader would use it effectively, Conway said. He later released the aid, irrespective of whether Ukraine actually investigated Biden or not.

Conway also claimed that Democrats are “scared” that Biden is not doing well on the campaign trail. “He’s gone from electable to incomprehensible,” she said, suggesting that the new allegations against Trump could be an effort to prop up a failing candidate.

“He’s gone in a short month from the most electable — he’s going to be Donald Trump, which was never true, always a fiction — to he can’t even beat an angry socialist like Elizabeth Warren in the polls in Iowa,” Conway said. “They are worried.”

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