BREAKING: Kayley McEnany Delivers Fraud Bombshell – Democrats Are…

Don’t count the Trump team out yet. That is Kayleigh McEnany’s message to America.

While some have already placed the crown on Joe Biden, President Donald Trump is still fighting to count every legal vote and to make sure there was not a significant impact of fraud not the election.

During a recent interview, McEnany explained that her concerns about election security became clear months before.”These Democrat secretaries of state, I can’t express enough, Mark, what they have done,” said McEnany, to Mark Levin. “I recall when our campaign lawyers came to the president, this was months ago, saying ‘Look at what they’re doing across the country. They are redesigning a system like Secretary Boockvar out in Pennsylvania saying you can receive ballots up to three days after Election Day [and] no, they don’t have to be postmarked…”

McEnany then explained how Boockvar didn’t stop until the Supreme Court stepped in.

“Then she changes her guidance and it takes Justice Alito to rebuke her. They were consistently misrepresenting their opinion, changing deadlines, designing a system to prop up Democrats and Joe Biden,” said McEnany.

In regard to the allegations of fraud popping up across the nation, McEnany pushed back against the “sweep-it-under-the-rug” attitude of the Democrats. “These people deserve to be heard,” said McEnany.

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