BREAKING: Kayleigh McEnany SLAMS Rioters – Democrats Furious

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Tuesday on Hannity that the death of Trump supporter Aaron Danielson could have been prevented if Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler had allowed the National Guard to stop the rioting there. 

“Gov. Evers (D-WI) to his credit, finally did request the help,” she said. “But, as was said today, what if he had requested it 24 hours earlier? This business that had been open for more than a century would still be there.

What if Mayor Wheeler, the derelict mayor, irresponsible mayor out in Portland, who’s seen violence in his streets for 100 days, had requested that help? That beautiful young boy who lost his life in the streets — a Trump supporter, who was sought out and gunned down by a ‘100% Antifa’ individual, in his words — would still be here.”

McEnany might have a point. Certainly it was a terrible idea to let violence continue in Portland for more than three months and to refuse to prosecute many of the people trying to set federal buildings on fire and assault police.

The fact that it took a death to get Wheeler to agree to more control measures is a very sad situation that should never have occurred.

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