BREAKING: Kayleigh McEnany Is OUT – She’s Done

In yet another example of media bias, CNN’s Jake Tapper said on the show Reliable Sources Sunday that he has banned White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany from being interviewed because she is such a “mendacious” liar.

“There are some people that are just so mendacious, I just wouldn’t put them on air,” Tapper said. “Kayleigh McEnany, I never booked her. Jason Miller from the Trump campaign, I would never book him. I mean, these are people who just — they just tell lies the way that, you know, most people breathe. There was no value in that.”

“This is what she does, she tells lies all the time. She can’t acknowledge reality. So I’m just not going to put somebody like that on air,” he said.

It seems as though the media and the left have finally found a way to shut down people who get their point across effectively and who would be more than believable by the majority of people, if they were given half a chance.

Branding these people as “liars,” they then feel justified not giving them any airtime so that they can’t get a chance to spread their “lies.” Luckily, a large proportion of the American people aren’t fooled by their games, but the tactic is somewhat effective in the end because people can’t disbelieve or discount what they don’t get to hear in the first place.

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