BREAKING: Kayleigh McEnany Is OUT – America Stunned

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is out and millions of Americans are stunned. She just made the announcement.

“Look, these are vaccines that he oversaw the development of, he has great confidence in,” said McEnany, referring to President Trump. “He wants to see all Americans get this vaccine and to see the most vulnerable among us to take it first.”

With this announcement, she is showing that Trump and his administration are out in support of the vaccine. And why wouldn’t they be? Operation Warp Speed was a phenomenal success.

Under the guidance of Trump, this unprecedented initiative allowed for the streamlined development of a COVID-19 vaccine while also maintaining the necessary safety and development protocols. It is an amazing achievement.

This is another reason why Joe Biden and Kamala Harris should be ashamed. Before the election, they spread fear and doubt about the vaccine — intentionally downplaying its significance in order to hurt Trump politically.

The reality: There isn’t anything a hypothetical Biden administration could do to fight this virus that Trump hasn’t already done. History will bear the truth. As McEnany said, the claims that a vaccine couldn’t get done before year’s end were “false.”

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