BREAKING: Kayleigh McEnany Calls It Quits – She’s Done

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany just called it quits. Millions of people never expected this announcement — especially with less than 35 days until the November election.

“This is the same playbook they tried in 2016 and the same playbook that the American people rejected, and will do so again,” said McEnany on Fox News, referring to the Democrats’ narrative on Trump’s taxes. She is done with it.

Trump isn’t concerned about it, either. “He’s focused on the American people right now,” said McEnany. His priorities are “bringing back the economy,” which is already heading towards a full recovery, and “working through COVID.”

But Democrats don’t have any tricks left — it is why they are still trying old, tired ones, hoping they work this time. It is like Biden’s campaign has already admitted defeat. They certainly can’t compete with Trump’s record.

As McEnany said, “his results tell the story, which will make it a debate that is quite easy when you have so many accomplishments to share.” What does Biden have, other than being a career politician?

The answer is obvious: nothing. In fact, until he ran for president, Biden couldn’t be bothered with fixing anything over his nearly 50 years warming a seat in the Senate and as former President Barack Obama’s number two.

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