BREAKING: Karma Gets James Comey – BOOM

Karma just came back to get former FBI Director James Comey. His arrogance and elitism were called on national television, and he was completely embarrassed. This is incredible.

Fox News viewers know that anchor Chris Wallace isn’t a fan of President Trump, but for once, Wallace decided to do the right thing — and Comey was on the receiving end of a huge takedown.

Wallace pressed Comey from multiple angles, including statements the former FBI director has made regarding his responsibility (or lack thereof) and how the FISA warrant process was handled.

Of course, Comey has made it sound like everything went smoothly, but Wallace shot back. “You make it sound like you’re a bystander, an eyewitness,” said Wallace.

“You were the director of the FBI while a lot of this was going on, sir,” continued Wallace, clearly annoyed by Comey’s shallow and politcally-motivated answers on the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation.

“Did you know that, in fact, the Steele report was the key for probable cause?” asked Wallace, referring to the debunked dossier used to obtain a surveillance warrant. The entire interview must be seen.

Read the full story here.

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