BREAKING: Kamala’s Airport Secret Finally Comes Out – America Shocked

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) called out Vice President Kamala Harris for spending more time in the airport than at the border.

McCarthy went on FNC’s Saturday showing of “Fox & Friends,” where he blasted the Vice President for continuing to avoid the crisis at the southern border.

McCarthy said, “Well, it seems like she spent more time at the airport than she spent at the border. But to literally say that they inherited a problem and they’ve made progress? None of those facts play out. You have a border that was secure. You had a new administration that changed executive orders and invited people to rush the border illegally. Now in May, we had 180,000 encounters. That was a 21-year record of illegal crossings. For the last three months, it has increased.”

President Biden and Vice President Harris created a disaster at the southern border and are refusing to fix it. President Biden hasn’t visited the border, while Vice President Harris was content to wait in the airport until she was able to leave for California.

McCarthy continued saying, “I think there’s going to be more than a million individuals that get through here that we don’t encounter from more than 160 countries. And what’s worse … we are catching people who are on the terrorist watch list from Yemen.”

The crisis at the southern border is no joke, and it could have severe consequences. If the President and the Vice President are abandoning their duties, they should be held accountable.

Read the full story here.

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8 Responses

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  3. What else do you expect from this administration ??? They are “no nothings” that don’t know how to run a country – ONLY DESTROY IT !!! When are real Americans going to step forward and get rid of this charade before America tumbles to the point of no return ???

  4. Wacky Cooma-la could have sent a cardboard cut out of herself that would have been just as effective!! That mayor of El Paso was disgusting in all her praise of how wonderful demented old Biden & his cackling VP are doing such an outstanding job. It may be so in El Paso, but if either of these brainless twits would bother to go anywhere close to the border they might get some idea as to what is really going on!!

  5. Thank the joey-kammi menstration for the porous border. They want illegal invaders to come over and overwhelm the honest, hard working taxpayer.

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