BREAKING: Kamala Is OUT – Media Shocked Over Absence…

Vice President Kamala Harris continues to be absent in her role leading the response to the migrant crisis along the southern border,.

Wednesday was the 57th consecutive day that “Harris has neither visited the border region nor held a news conference regarding her role as President Biden’s appointed manager of the federal response to the crisis,” according to a Fox News report.

Although the situation at the border is not improving at all, Harris’ supporters have argued “her job is not to tour facilities or hold press conferences.”

But even some local Democrats are getting impatient.

The Democratic mayor of a Texas border town said illegal aliens continue to flood across the Rio Grande from Mexico, overwhelming Border Patrol and local authorities, as Biden seeks a reversal of Donald Trump’s policies in that arena.

Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano, just across the border from Acuña, Mexico, told “Your World” that most recently, a school near the border was forced into lockdown after more than a dozen illegal immigrants attempted to breach the property via a fence.

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